Spa Day Facial Kit

$ 25
Nurtured By Nature

Imagine yourself truly relaxed + replenished. A little self-care can make a huge difference in our quality of life. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. These natural herbal kits offer everything you need to create to a deeply nurturing self-care ritual that you'll feel in your mind body + spirit.

This in an invitation to surrender to the things that deeply replenish you... ⁠

All Spa Kits Include:

Matcha Pearl Illuminating Facial Mask

Highly beneficial for all skin types with mega-antioxidant Matcha, radiance-boosting herbs + soothing mineral-rich clays to stimulate circulation, promote collagen production + detoxify your cells for a natural radiance.

Gentle Kaolin clay refines pores while illuminating Freshwater Pearl offer a porcelain smoothness + luminous glow.

Details: 1/3 oz, enough for 4-5 masks. Can also be used as an exfoliating facial cleanser. Made with organic ingredients. 

Pure, Organic Rosehip Fruit Oil

Rosehip Oil is an amazing multitasker that's beneficial for all skin types. It's widely known that this vibrant reddish-orange oil may improve the appearance of dry patches, brighten a dull visage, smooth fine lines, + acne scarring with regular use. It offers a mega boost of antioxidants to help mitigate the effects of sun damage. Rich in skin-loving minerals, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, + Vitamin A (natural retinol), Rosehips can help improve elasticity of the skin.

Details: 1/4 oz, can be used as an oil cleanser or facial moisturizer. Dry skin types can blend a few drops into the facial mask.

Pure, Organic Hydrosol

Hydrosols are steam distilled floral/herbal waters. They're gorgeous in scent + mild on the skin, with a lovely array of nurturing phytonutrients. Choose from Damascena Rose for sensitive, dry, or maturing skin, or Peppermint for oily or acne prone skin. These two hydrosols are truly beneficial adaptogens for all skin types + can be used interchangeably to suit your mood. So feel free to choose the scent that brings your spirit the most joy in the moment.

Details: 1 oz in teal ombre glass bottle with mister. The hydrosol can be used as the liquid for the mask, as a facial toner, in the bath, or as a mood-lifting mist for face, body + aura. 

Deluxe Spa Kits Include the items above PLUS:

Lavender Bath Tea Bag

An extra large tea bag filled with organic lavender buds. Use in the bath or as a sachet to scent your clothes + linens. Please note the lavender tea bag is in place of the discontinued size of Flower Power bath that's shown in the pictures + price + shipping weight have been adjusted accordingly. New pics coming soon.

Bamboo Facial Mask Brush 

Your Spa Day becomes an even more luxurious experience when you use this super soft vegan mask brush to mix + apply your mask. 

Vanilla Lip Balm

A sexy-luxe protective, nourishing moisture treat that protects your tender lips from the elements.

Details: 4.25 g, made with organic ingredients.

The Presentation

You can choose gift boxed or without a box. All sets will have an information card on how to use these items for a delightful spa day tucked inside. The gift boxed sets come with a cute label, tied with natural raffia. We're happy to include a hand written gift note for you, just write it into your order comments. Or add one of these Flora Forager note cards to your cart + we'll write your sweet note inside the card for you.

Bonus Resource

Download our free Spa Day Ritual Guide -- 11 pages of inspiration to help you craft a self-care ritual to nurture your inner Goddess.

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