Heart-Warming Gift Set

$ 68
Roses + Vanilla + Rose Quartz

The Heart-Warming Gift Set is all heart. Overflowing with roses + heart-opening energy to nourish, nurture + love your tender spirit.

Gently shake the Rose Crystal to activate the botanical alchemy, then mist your skin, hair + aura with her magical droplets, enveloped by her softness + gentle loving energy.

Tuck the sweet little Rose Quartz into your pocket, bra, or purse to infuse your day with the frequency of love. Try tucking it under your pillow to lull you into the sweetest of dreams.

Apply the Heart Hug to your inner wrists + behind your ears. Try anointing your solar plexus + heart chakra too. Feel the warmth of her sunshine as her tender flowers give your heart a peaceful embrace.

Teleport to the most lush + magical Rose Garden as you massage the luxurious + protective skin-healing balm into your dry skin, tired muscles. Try using this floral balm in a foot massage for a soothing, sensual, stress melting experience.

The set comes boxed with a cute label, tied with natural raffia. We're happy to include a hand written gift note for you, just write it into your order comments. Or add one of these Flora Forager note cards to your cart and we'll include that with your note.

Includes ($85 value):

Rose Crystal Hydrating Alchemy Mist 2.2 oz

A hydrating, restorative facial toner with nurturing roses, a fruity punch of wrinkle-smoothing hibiscus + mega-antioxidant rooibos are blended with artisan hydrosols, flower essences + rose quartz.

Rose Garden Shea Butter 2.3 oz

The creamiest, dreamiest moisture balm for dry skin, overflowing with heart-warming roses + an herbal infusion of calendula, chamomile, lavender + plantain add another dimension of plant-based healing from the garden to your skin.

Heart Hug Aromatherapy Roll-on 1/3 oz

Potent healing for the heart + soul. Pure plant medicine to support emotional equilibrium + ease daily stresses, offering a comforting base of energetic protection.

Vanilla Lip Balm 4.25 g

A sexy-luxe protective, nourishing moisture treat that protects your tender lips from the elements.

Rose Quartz small

A pocket sized raw chunk of rose quartz, a light pink heart-softening stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, with a peaceful, calming energy. 

*The air plant is not included.

Good to know

Shea butter is a tree nut and can be an irritant to those with latex allergies.

Learn all about the Benefits of Shea Butter, how to use it, and why it's so good for your skin on our Wellness blog.


A little goes a long way as our butter balm is a solid butter -- more concentrated, thicker + richer than your average body butter because it's water-free.

Our favorite way to use shea butter is to a pea sized amount out of the jar with the back of your fingernail. Melt it between your fingers + then spread where ever you need a good dose of therapeutic moisture.

Rub it into your driest skin, into the cracks in your hands, elbows, knees + feet.

Repairing Hand Treatment

Especially at night, when the nutritive shea has extended uninterrupted hours to soothe + soften your skin. Like a regenerative mask, the nutrients have time while you slumber to deeply penetrate into the dermal layers your dry skin, carrying the plant essences into your cells.

Soothe + Protect Over-worked Skin

Shea Butter is rich, healing + protective. Slather generously onto hangnails, chapped lips + work-worn skin.

Harsh Weather Protection

Since shea is so thick, you can use it as a protective barrier to preserve your skin in extreme weather conditions like high altitude, freezing cold + high winds.