Gardener's Gift Set

$ 42
Plant-based healing from the garden for your skin + spirit.

The Gardener's Gift Set combines a luxurious + protective skin-healing balm to soothe work-worn hands with a botanical alchemy mist to refresh + cool your skin + spirit.

The Gardener's Balm

A lovely, luxuriously moisturizing all-natural butter balm to help your hands stay soft + touchable as you tend your gardens through the seasons.

Apply before + after you tend your plants, do housework, crafting, knitting, wood-working, or any other work with your hands. This balm will soothe minor abrasions, as well as chapped, irritated skin + upset cuticles. 

Cool Down Botanical Alchemy Mist

Gently shake to activate the botanical alchemy of fresh peppermint, Earthy witch hazel + ethereal lavender with colloidal silver, essential oils, artisan hydrosols, flower essences + magical clear quartz crystals sparkling in every bottle.

Use in your daily skin care ritual after cleansing or mist as desired after hot yoga, a long car ride, to soothe hot flashes, or just cool down on a hot day.

The set comes boxed with a cute label, tied with natural raffia. We're happy to include a gift note for you, simply write it into the comments on your order.

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Gardener's Repair Balm + Cool Down Botanical Alchemy Mist

Good to know

The Gardener's Balm contains shea butter, extracted from shea nuts which are tree nuts. Those with tree nut allergies, should avoid products with shea butter. Shea butter can be an irritant to those with latex allergies. If you have any concerns, we advise you to contact your doctor.

Learn all about the Benefits of Shea Butter, how to use it, and why it's so good for your skin on our Wellness blog.


A little goes a long way as our butter balm is a solid butter -- more concentrated, thicker + richer than your average body butter because it's water-free.

Our favorite way to use shea butter is to a pea sized amount out of the jar with the back of your fingernail. Melt it between your fingers + then spread where ever you need a good dose of therapeutic moisture.

Rub it into your driest skin, into the cracks in your hands, elbows, knees + feet.

Repairing Hand Treatment

Especially at night, when the nutritive shea has extended uninterrupted hours to soothe + soften your skin. Like a regenerative mask, the nutrients have time while you slumber to deeply penetrate into the dermal layers your dry skin, carrying the plant essences into your cells.

Soothe + Protect Over-worked Skin

Shea Butter is rich, healing + protective. Slather generously onto hangnails, chapped lips + work-worn skin.

Harsh Weather Protection

Since shea is so thick, you can use it as a protective barrier to preserve your skin in extreme weather conditions like high altitude, freezing cold + high winds.