Mini Amethyst Moon + Stars

$ 7

Purple Amethyst Moons + Stars bring a heightened of sense of peace that sparks spiritual growth + helps put you in touch with your intuitive gifts. Amethyst has a high, sweet energy that is easily accessible through it's beautiful purple sparkles. It's a spiritually expansive stone that stimulates your psychic abilities.

These mini celestial crystals are made from beautiful transparent purple amethyst + make a unique addition to your crystal collection. Use these amethyst crystal crescent moon + star carvings in your meditations, creative visualization, intuitive work like tarot or astrology, crystal grids, moon rituals, or just floating in your jewelry box.

The Moon is calling you to release what no longer serves + step into your power to embody your most authentic self.⁠ Crystal Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic.

Moons ~ 2-3 grams, 17-20mm tall
Stars ~ 1-2 grams, 14-17mm diameter
1 inch= 24.5 millimeter


Amethyst beams the angelic Violet Ray of Healing which works to transmute our fears, threats, negative energies, thoughts + psychic debris. 

Amethyst is a wind/air element stone that resonates with the Third Eye, Crown + the Etheric Chakras above the head.

The calming, soothing vibrations of an amethyst will help you relax, reduce your stress levels + sleep better. 

Amethyst is an excellent stone for your meditation space, bedroom, treatment room, or office. Offering clarity + enhanced intuition to help you make decisions that are aligned with your Spirit.

These crystal moon + stars vary in shape, pattering, color saturation + clarity as shown in pics. Each stone is uniquely beautiful + powerful, as you can see + will be intuitively chosen for you.