Black Obsidian Moon + Stars for energetic protection

$ 9

The grounding energy of these Black Obsidian Moons + Stars makes them an excellent choice for bringing some energetic protection⁠ into your sacred space. Use them in your crystal grids, carry obsidian in your pocket + place it in your windows with the intention of warding of bad energy.

Black Obsidian can be used as a shield against negativity as it absorbs negative energies from the environment + blocks psychic attacks. Black Obsidian offers some protection from EMF's as well.

The Moon is a powerful, feminine symbol representing the universal rhythm of time, the cycles of life, the ebb + flow of the tides, the ever-changing seasons...⁠

Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic.

Moons: 1.19"-1.35" tall x 0.75"-0.77" wide
Stars: 1.2"-1.23" diameter, 0.27"-0.3" thick

Obsidian is a protective, truth-enhancing stone, offering clarity of mind. Obsidian helps one to begin to dissolve emotional blockages + heal past traumas. Natural Obsidian helps you to know who you truly are in your highest incarnation of self.

Obsidian stimulates growth on all levels weaving new pathways for forgiveness, compassion + strength. It promotes exploration of the unknown + opens one up to new possibilities on the horizon.

Obsidian resonates with the Root Chakra: The Root Chakra brings security + grounding to your daily life. When this Chakra is in balance it can bring passion + empowerment.

These moons + stars are carved from natural obsidian. They're all polished to a glossy shine, really pretty + will be intuitively chosen for you.

The beautiful cards in the background are from the Herbal Tarot Deck by Michael Tierra