Hand Carved ROSE QUARTZ Crescent Moon Face

$ 48


Rose Quartz is a water element heart chakra stone of unconditional LOVE.

The Moon is a powerful, feminine symbol representing the universal rhythm of time, the cycles of life, the ebb + flow of the tides, the ever-changing seasons...

Rose Quartz emits a loving energy that calm anxiety + is a good stone for stress relief.

Hold one of these soothing Rose Quartz Moons when life feels uncertain, or you just need a little more love in your life.

The energy of Rose Quartz is heart-warming, heart-centered + so gentle. Breathe that energy into every cell in your body.

Close your eyes + breath it in, long + slow. Inhale love, exhale any pent up energy, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty + know that you are love to the very core of your being.

You are made of love. You are loved. You are love.

1 ~ 3.2 oz, 3.52" x 2.03" x 0.71"
2 ~ 2.9 oz, 3.38" 1.86" x 0.74"
3 ~ 2.5 oz, 3.5" x 2.01" x 0.53", has a few glitter specs/inclusions probably pyrite or mica

You will receive the exact stone that you choose from the pictures/numbers. Each stone is uniquely beautiful + powerful, as you can see. Weights + measures are approximate.

This is a new batch of these Rose Quartz Moons + they're quite a bit larger than the ones I had before. If you purchased one of these before 4/18/21, the pictures, size info + prices above have changed to reflect these new carvings.