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Moonstone evokes the Goddess + the energy of the Moon.  

Peach Moonstone is warm + bright, like moonlight on a hot summer night. It's a feeling of enhanced creativity, sensual celebration + vibrant psychic power.   

This saturated peachy beauty is 10.8 oz (307 g), 3.4" wide, 1.58" thick . It's a super-puffy heart-shape, rounded, sensual + satisfying to hold. It's a big handful, but still small enough to comfortably hold in meditation. This one has a lovely rich peachy orange color + interesting light patterns running through the peach with a sparkly, silvery golden sheen throughout.  

Peach Moonstone invites you to embrace the Goddess + the empowered feminine. This stone's loving energy promotes the Divine in all situations.  

Peach Moonstone is an excellent crystal to incorporate into your full moon + new moon rituals.  

As a stone of new beginnings it shines brightly, illuminating our visions + dreams, helping us to chart a clear path forward in our lives.  

Peach Moonstone brings a warm feminine energy offering soothing relief + gently nudges you to release emotional stresses such as depression, anger + anxiety.  

Hold a Peach Moonstone in meditation to heighten your intuition, access inner wisdom + receive divine inspiration.  

Like the Moon, this stone is reflective + reminds us that just as the Moon waxes + wanes, everything is a part of a cycle of change.  

Allow Peach Moonstone to inspire you to blossom into your full potential  

These polished stones are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size + color. Priced by weight.