32-33mm HONEY CALCITE Spheres

$ 13

Honey Calcite is a stone of clarity, confidence + action. These small honey calcite spheres range from sparkly honey yellow to a deeper golden honey. Honey Calcite Spheres are an excellent Solar Plexus crystal to use in your manifestation practices + crystal grids, to bolster your personal power + activate the flow of abundance. Honey Calcite has a gentle, loving energy, encouraging positive feelings + bolstering self worth.

Place a honey calcite crystal in your money corner, the far left corner from the door, to activate the Feng Shui Decor Energy + invite more abundance in your world.

Honey Calcite resonates predominantly with the Solar Plexus, but also activates the Root + Third Eye chakras representing, stability, personal power + deeper insight. Honey calcite aka golden calcite is an excellent stone to call upon for guidance when you're feeling overwhelmed as it helps to balance emotions + offers clarity on your higher path.

Honey Calcite helps us regain our personal power by easing our stress + worried thoughts. It is especially helpful during challenging times because it enables us to realize we are strong, capable + can persevere through anything that comes our way.

Honey Calcite helps one perceive infinite abundance + overcome scarcity mindset. It helps clear away limiting beliefs by illuminating their source, offering clarity so that you're able to process through these denser emotions.

Details: approximately 32-33mm diameter, each natural stone has been shaped into a polished sphere with slight variations + will be chosen intuitively for you. Some are more clear, others are like spun honey, each uniquely beautiful in their own way. They vary in saturation, interior patterns + fracture panes, rainbows + clarity/opacity as shown in the photos. Specify in the order comments if you have a preference of lighter or darker. I will accommodate if I can.

Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.