Blue Calm Aromatherapy Roll-on

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Blue Calm is an ethereal, evocative scent for personal ~ growth laced with the subtle plant energies of spiritually expansive Palo Santo, gentle, calming Yarrow + healing, balancing Roman Chamomile.

Breathe in this otherworldly scent + envision being surrounded by a protective cocoon of healing calm. Imagine your aura filled with + cleansed by soft, purifying blue light.

Relax your mind, body + spirit.

Raise your vibration. ~~ See with clarity. ~~ Speak your truth.


Woodsy, herbal softened with a sunny sweetness.

Color Therapy

The color blue promotes calm, peace, relaxation, slowing down, steadying, self-expression, intuition, honesty, truth, creativity. Blue resonates with the throat chakra.


This universally healing blend works with all of the 7 major chakras + the Soul Star chakra.

1st Chakra/Root: grounding, foundation, safety + security

2nd Chakra/Sacral: pleasure, emotions, creativity, relationships

3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus: source of personal power, transformation, governs self-esteem, warrior energy

4th Chakra/Heart: unconditional love, warmth, compassion, joy

5th Chakra/Throat: speaking truth, self expression, communication, voice

6th Chakra/Third Eye: intuition, spiritual gifts, vision, how we see ourselves in the world

7th Chakra/Crown: cosmic consciousness, higher self + connection with the divine

8th Chakra/Soul StarChakra: the doorway between your immortal soul + your earth-bound personality, the aura

Ingredient Highlights

Palo Santo means holy wood + is related to myrrh + frankincense. Palo Santo is considered a universal healing scent by Amazonian shamans, with extensive physical + mental + spiritual applications.

Yarrow is also known as the angel flower, milfoil + woundwort. Yarrow has been used in magical + folk herbal traditions to help with divination + enhance psychic abilities, as well as aide physical ailments such as headaches, fever, arthritis, menstrual issues + so much more.

Roman Chamomile's sweet sunny little daisy-like flowers are loved by the fairy kingdom. Chamomile is like a sigh of relief for so many physical, mental + spiritual ailments. Chamomile is as gentle as she is powerful with omnipotent healing, soothing + calming properties. Chamomile is quite magical, bringing a deep sense of inner peace + contentment. 

How to Use

Use this blend to calm stress, clear the air literally + esoterically. Apply to sore or tense muscles, menstrual cramps + to ease inflammatory conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Use as a personal fragrance to aid, relaxation, reduce stress + promote restful sleep. Apply to the inside of your wrists, the bottoms of your feet. Rub into temples when relaxation is desired. Use as a protective, grounding scent to enhance meditation. Blue Calm is an excellent scent to use in Savasana, at the end of your yoga practice.


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Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Take good care + be well.

Contains: organic jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinesis), ethically wild-harvested Bursera graveolens (Palo Santo) wood essential oil, Achillea millefolium (yarrow) flower oil, Roman chamomile flower oil (Anthemis nobilis), organic rosemary extract (Rosmarinus officinalis), love.