Very Pink ROSE QUARTZ FREEFORM, 1 lb+ Ethically Mined High Quality Rose Quartz

$ 69
ROSE QUARTZ ~ Unconditional LOVE + Compassion

This is stunning, gemmy, high quality, deeply saturated pink Rose Quartz Freeform with a few rainbows + very pretty interior patterning with a lovely rounded shape. The depth of color on this piece is really quite special. This one's a cuddler...

When your heart needs a hug, hold your favorite piece of Rose Quartz + soak in it's soothing energy. Close your eyes + breathe in the calming energy, long + slow. Inhale love, exhale any pent up energy, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty + know that you are loved.

Rose Quartz calms anxiety + is a good stone for stress relief.

The energy of Rose Quartz is heart-warming, heart-centered + so gentle. Breathe that energy into every cell in your body.

You are loved.

1lb 0.7oz (474 grams)
3.45" (88 mm) tall
2.63" (67 mm) wide
2.23" (57 mm) thick
Ethically mined from Madagascar. Smooth polished, flat bottom. You will receive this exact piece that you see in the pictures