Black Metal Display Stand

$ 11

Black Metal Display Stand

Display your special crystals in with this simple display stand. It's made of black painted metal + works well for slabs, special shapes, double terminated crystals + specimens.

The width is adjustable. The smaller one opens to 3" wide + the larger one 4.07" wide, slightly smaller than a right angle. It opens widest to about 80 degrees or adjusts to smaller to fit your crystal.

The photos show the smaller stand + the two sizes together for scale. For reference I've photographed several different crystals on the smaller stand to show the versatility of this stand as follows.

3rd pic ~ Rose Quartz Puffy Heart is 4.31" wide x 4.18" tall
4th pic ~ Large Double Terminated Teal Fluorite is 5.8" x 1.81"
5th pic ~ Dendritic Agate Freeform is 3.35" x 3.17"
6-7th pic ~ Fluorite Slab is 4.63" x 3.64"
8-9th pic ~ Blue Kyanite Specimen is 7.5" x 2.14"

These fit a lot of different sizes + shapes, but they're not going to work for every crystal. Distribution of weight is a factor as well as size. Send me a DM if you need help. Crystals not included, but sold separately.