Dreamy Druzy BLUE ARAGONITE / Caribbean Calcite Crystal Tower with Sparkling Druzy Pockets

$ 169
Large Teal Blue Aragonite Tower with light calcite druzy pockets.

This giant Blue Aragonite/ Caribbean Calcite Tower is a stunning statement piece for your collection at close to 10" tall + weighing over 2.5 lbs. This impressive crystal tower has saturated swirls of color of beautiful light blue to teal green is accented with sparkling sand colored druzy pockets.

Reminiscent of tropical waves + sandy shores these soothing stones offer an optimistic, joyful + comforting vibration. 

Blue Aragonite is also known as Caribbean Calcite. This stone is a combination of a Blue Calcite + Aragonite + is a relatively new find from Pakistan.  Since this stone is a made from a blend of minerals, these names are being used interchangeably + there is quite a bit of variation depending on the mineral content in each piece.  

Caribbean Calcite resonates with the heart, throat + third eye chakras.   

Caribbean Calcite is a very special stone that is here to soften emotional transitions. It can intensify + stabilize empathic + intuitive abilities.   

Use this stone in meditation or breathwork practices to go deep, connecting the throat + heart.  It soothes + opens the throat so that you can clearly express deeper feelings + emotions from your heart.   

Caribbean Calcite is a joyful, expansive stone which opens your capacity for compassion, hones your intuition + sparks creativity. 

2 lbs 9.2 oz (1169 grams)
9.9" tall
1.75" x 1.59 at the tip
2.45" x 2.3" at the base

You will receive the exact tower in the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.