CLEAR CALCITE SPHERE with tons of Rainbows, Optical Calcite Crystal Ball

$ 22
Optical Calcite offers clarity + brings high vibration energy into your space.

This sparkly rainbow filled Optical Calcite Sphere is 1.61"/41 mm diameter, 3.3 oz/96 grams. This sphere has remarkable clarity + some really flashy geometric interior planes.

Clear Calcite is also known as Optical Calcite or Iceland Spar. It's big-time energy amplifier with a very high + unique vibration that is evident just by holding them.

Calcite works to clear + activate all of the chakras, improving the flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies. Optical Calcite helps to clear away any stagnant or negative energy + to amplify positive energy. It helps remove fear-based emotions, encourages self trust + brings more optimism into one's experience.

Clear Calcite brings balance + focus. It's an excellent choice to amplify your manifestations.

Each natural stone has been shaped into a polished sphere with slight variations. You will receive the exact stone in the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.