CRYSTAL BAT TOTEM ~ Hand Carved Crystal Bats, Bat Spirit Animal

$ 30
CRYSTAL BAT TOTEM available in Black Obsidian, Golden Sheen Obsidian, Rainbow Fluorite + Amethyst

Hand carved with lovely details. Each bat is unique + very special.

If a Bat is your Spirit Animal, it's likely you're generally highly sensitive + extremely aware of your surroundings. The Bat Totem Animal represents letting go of fear + the freedom of release.

When Bats show up for you in a significant way, it often signifies an omen of change. Bat asks that you pay attention to signs around you. Bat reminds you to let go of old habits + patterns that no longer serve your highest potential.

You will receive the exact numbered bat you choose from the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.