Crystal Fairy Celestial Confetti Gift Set

$ 39

A crystal fairy + some pretty moons + stars added to this mermaid colored Crystal Confetti make a really fun gift set!

Crystal Confetti is a fun way to add variety to your crystal collection, bring some energetic sparkle to a color story + it makes a thoughtful gift too. I love crystals + gems in all colors, shapes + sizes. These blue-green crystal chips look so pretty together, like magical mermaid sand + elevate the crystal moon + stars in such a special way. Add a Green Aventurine Fairy for a complete set!

The Blue-Green Crystal Confetti mix is made of clear quartz, green aventurine + blue apatite chips with blue kyanite blades plus some bigger transparent fluorite tumbles + rough semi-tumbled clear quartz sticks. 

This dreamy, sparkly blue green combo of crystals + gems resonates with the Throat Chakra + the Heart Chakra aiding with heart-centered communication.

Crystal Confetti is beautiful in a simple dish + makes a perfect addition to your crystal grids, crystal crafts like resin art, candle making, wish jars, jewelry making, terrariums + more. 

Packed in a mylar bag with each set includes my blue-green crystal chips (2 oz) with fluorite tumbles + clear quartz plus:
MOON + STARS ~  1 green aventurine moon(1.18" tall), 1 fluorite star + 2 clear quartz stars
CELESTIAL FAIRY ~   comes with everything - 1 green aventurine fairy (1.2" tall) + the Moons + Stars Set

    These crystal sets are intuitively chosen for you. No substitutions. Pics 1, 4 +5 show the Celestial Fairy Set. Pic 2 shows the moon + stars that come in both sets. Pic 3 shows the Moon + Stars Set. Pic 6 shows the chips + tumbles that come with both sets. Pics 7 + 8 show a couple sets to show the variety in the stones. Bowl not included in sets.

    Find just the chips available HERE.

    Find the Selenite Heart Bowl HERE.

    Crystal chips + tumbles are irregular by nature. No two crystals are alike + variations are to be expected variations in color, hue, saturation, mineral inclusions, clarity/opacity, shimmer + rainbows. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia + may have slight imperfections but any stones with overt issues are removed to maintain a higher than average quality.