Porcelain Lotus ~ Crystal Sphere Stand or Tea Light Holder

$ 22

Artisan-sculpted Lotus Tea Light Holders are a simply lovely addition to your spa day. They also make a gorgeous stand to display your special crystal spheres.

The hand of the artist shows in each piece, making an elegant artistic statement that flows seamlessly with any decor.

Each gorgeous flower petal is hand-formed into the perfect lotus. Hand-glazed for a unique artful finish. No two are exactly alike, just like a living flower.

The lotus stalk plants its roots deep into the Earth, and grows up through murky waters, reaching upward, toward the sunlight, a bud forms, collecting nutrients from the Sun + the Earth until finally opening its sweetly scented, ethereal blossoms + radiating peace +  love.

The lotus flower is considered symbolic of strength among adversity. 

These ceramic lotus sculptures perfectly hold a single tea light, but also look lovely + complete without anything in the center.

Measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches.

The aura rose quartz sphere shown in these photos is 2.06" (52 mm) diameter.