Labradorite CRYSTAL ANGEL ~ Hand-Carved Crystal Angel

$ 59


Bring a touch of angel love + light into your sacred space with this beautiful hand carved Labradorite Crystal Angel.

Use this special figurine to call in your angels + spirit guides or come into alignment with your Highest Truth. Allow this Crystal Angel to serve as your shining light, to illuminate the destiny of your Divine Calling.

3.5 oz
2.99" tall
1.74" wingspan
0.92" thick

Luminous + flashy Labradorite is a stone of insight, magic + destiny⁠. Labradorite is a powerful Wind element stone often used for magic + divination as it creates a protective force field around the aura, opening your consciousness + enabling you to move through the unseen realms.⁠

On a quick glance this Seers Stone can look ordinary + even dull or dark. Then with a tiny shift in perspective, it's flashes a special kind of chatoyance called Labradorescence ~ which is a brilliant flash of rainbow colors ranging from baby blue to the quintessential Lemurian bluish greenish teal to teal, baby blue, purple, violet, pink, peach + golden, depending on the lighting + angle on the stone.

You will receive the same Labradorite crystal angel that you see in these pictures. There is not much flash on the back of this crystal angel. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.