Large Aura AGATE GEODE Crystal Dragon

$ 166


This crystal Dragon is hand carved out of a Druzy Agate Geode + aura coated to amplify the angelic energy + high vibrational nature of this inter-dimensional traveler.

A true collector's piece, this one of a kind crystal dragon will guide your travels through the etheric realms, as your personal dragon friend, spirit animal, guardian of the highest light. 

The angelic rainbow sheen of Angel Aura Crystals emits a vibration that aids insight + connection with the divine. These special crystals are a direct energetic connection to the Angelic Realms.

Dragons are ancient mythical creatures of the Earth, symbolizing supernatural power, wisdom, strength + hidden knowledge.

Dragon Energy is the embodiment of chaos, the untamed, the wildness of nature, the eye of the storm. Dragon Healing attunes you directly to an ancient interdimensional source of Healing Energy.

10.9 oz (311 g)
4.39" (111mm) long
1.97" (50mm) wide
1.9" (48mm)  tall

If you feel a strong connection to this Aura Druzy Crystal Dragon, my sense is that it will likely assist you, especially in the etheric realms, by expanding your consciousness, in remembering past life experiences + nudge you along toward your highest path for this lifetime.

Agate has a stabilizing energy that helps you slow down + find your center. It is a soothing, calming crystal that cleanses the aura, eliminating + transforming negativity. It can help to diffuse tension, healing inner anger + create a sense of security + safety.

Aura crystals are made in an alchemy process combining science + nature. This alchemical process fuses platinum + gold onto the crystals, resulting in a transparent layer of pearly iridescent, opalescent color which accentuates the interior dimensions, fractals + inclusions of the natural crystal.

This is a natural crystal that has been hand sculpted into a dragon, polished to a high gloss + aura coated. 

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusion, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal dragon that you see in the pictures.