Large Clear Quartz HAPPY BUDDHA Statue, 2+ LBS

$ 377

This large, gorgeous crystal Buddha Statue is hand carved from Clear Quartz which is the master healer of the crystal world. Happy Buddha Statue is carved from a large, beautiful piece of quartz crystal with lovely interior patterns in the stone.

This one of a kind quartz Buddha statue is a stunning statement piece for your altar, Zen decor, meditation room, yoga studio, treatment room, home or office. Buddha means enlightened one.

Happy Buddha, also known as the Laughing Buddha, reminds you to be happy in each moment. This Laughing Buddha figurine is holding an ingot to attract wealth, good fortune + prosperity. This jovial crystal Buddha figurine wants his tummy rubbed! It's said that if you rub the Buddha's belly daily, your wishes will be granted.

The Happy Buddha holding an ingot is a symbol of happiness, contentment, prosperity + an auspicious token for household peace. 

Happy Buddha brings joy, good luck + prosperity into your home. Place your Happy Buddha facing the door to greet you + your visitors with his welcoming, joyful energy.

Laughing Buddha statues are also commonly kept in offices to keep harmony + prosperity flowing throughout the work space. A story about Ho Tai says that he carries away your sadness + it is thought that having a Ho Tai statue in the house can alleviate grief.

2lb 2.3 oz (973 grams)
4.09" tall
5.73" wide
2.5" deep

You will receive the exact crystal Buddha that you see in the pictures. There are a couple of tiny specks of black in the stone + a couple of details in the carving that are not polished completely smooth. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.