PEACH SELENITE Tumbled Stones to illuminate your path

$ 3

Peach Selenite is a stone of transformation.

Use the moon-like luminescence of Peach Selenite to illuminate your path + shine light on your highest potential.

Peach Selenite increases self awareness + bolsters self esteem. It helps to heal old emotional wounds. It's believed to usher in the transformation of negative energy into love, forgiveness + acceptance.

Peach Selenite directs high frequency energy into the body, stimulating spiritual, physical + emotional healing.

Peach Selenite resonates with the Sacral Chakra + the element of Wind.

Carry one in your pocket to create a soothing protective energy barrier, strengthening your energetic shield from outside influences.

Peach Selenite is also called orange selenite or satin spar + is a form of gypsum. These are from Morocco.

Sorted by weight. They vary in shape as shown in pics with some being wide + thin, others rounder + thick.

Small: 10-16 grams, 0.94"-1.23" x 0.44"-0.82"
Large: 18-22 grams, 1.21"-1.29" x 0.64"-0.68"

Each natural stone tumble is polished with slight variations. These pictures show the stone sizes mixed together. If there is a specific piece or color you want or don't want, send me a DM or write a note in your order. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.

Selenite is softer than most stones. They would turn to dust if they were properly tumbled like other stones, so these little babes have been hand shaped + polished just for you. These luminous beauties are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, color + inherent marks.

Selenite is naturally a very soft mineral, with a Mohs hardness of 2. For reference quartz is a 7, and diamond is a 10 on the Mohs scale. Therefore Selenite scratches, chips, dents, and fractures very easily. Due to its soft nature, all Selenite products will likely have some minor imperfections such as scratches, chips, and dents. It's just good to keep in mind that these need to be handled carefully to keep them in good condition. Additionally Selenite is water soluble. You can do a quick rinse + dry, but don't let your Selenite soak in water for any length of time, or leave it out in the rain.