Pink Opal Points

$ 8.88

PINK OPAL is a stone of peace + tranquility⁠.
Sweet creamy dreamy Pink Opal clears + calms the heart with the gentle energy of compassion.⁠⠀
The soothing energy of Pink Opal helps to promote love + passion in your relationships. It's also a powerful stone for self love, self worth + emotional stability.⁠⠀
This pretty pink stone activates + unlocks our heart chakra + imbues one's aura with calming, tranquil vibrations.⁠⠀
Pink Opal a perfect stone when one is struggling with any grief, loss, sadness, or a broken heart.⁠⠀
Pink Opal helps to heal your heart from painful emotions, encourage you to move forward with an open heart + let love in.⁠⠀
Keep a Pink Opal in the bedroom. It's excellent for children or adults who have difficulty sleeping or tend to have nightmares as it calms stress + encourages the release of fear, worry + anxiety.⁠⠀
Pink Opal facilitates one’s connection to the angelic realms.⁠

Points are in the same order in each pic, numbered left to right.
Point 1:  27 g, 2.26" tall (far left)
Point 2:  23 g, 2.09" tall
Point 3:  26 g, 1.97" tall
Point 4:  26 g, 2.02" tall
Point 5:  33 g, 2.26" tall
Point 6:  24 g, 1.99" tall (far right)

You will receive the exact numbered point that you choose from the pictures. Pink Opal has a matte luster rather than a glossy shine. The points are in the same order in each pic so you can see them in different light, at different angles. Pick your fav!

These Pink Opal Points are cut, faceted + polished to with a flat bottom. They are natural stones with variations in color + inclusions as shown + may have inherent marks or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. These are from Peru.