Banded Pistachio Calcite Tower

$ 72

These glowing Sea Green Pistachio Calcite Towers emanate a peaceful, balancing energy offering insight + fostering an attitude of appreciation. They're a 4-sided obelisk shape + have such a juicy saturated sea green color, subtle yellow-green banding, loads of shimmer, mesmerizing translucence + otherworldly glow. 

Pistachio Calcite is an emotionally cleansing stone that helps one in shifting negative beliefs, release stresses + open the heart. 

11.05 oz
4.28" tall
1.68" x 1.4" flat sides/base, 2.11" wide/diagonal edges

These towers have minor surface imperfections due to the striated crystal growth (which also gives the shimmer).


Pistachio Calcite is a beautiful bright lime green to blue-green form of Green Calcite, found in Pakistan. It's a heart + throat chakra stone that teaches us patience + deepens our emotional intelligence, amplifies heart coherence, fosters peaceful communication.

The green color comes from chlorite that got trapped inside the stone during crystallization. It has a soothing light green shade with banding of yellow, pale + darker greens, as well as blue-green hues + lots of shimmery, glittery sparkles.

You will receive the exact same tower that you choose from the numbered pictures. These are natural stones so inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections are to be expected. Weights + measures are approximate.