Remarkably Clear RAINBOW HONEY CALCITE Sphere with clear glass stand, # 10

$ 44
Honey Calcite is a stone of CLARITY, CONFIDENCE + ACTION.

This one is remarkably clear with a pale honey color + is filled with sparkly rainbows. This Golden Calcite Sphere is 1.91"/48 mm diameter, 5.6 oz/160 grams. It's literally a ball of honey of rainbows with neat sparkly fracture lines through the golden color which give it a prismatic quality + some very sparkly dimension. Comes with the clear glass stand in the pics.

Honey Calcite has a gentle, loving energy, encouraging positive feelings + bolstering self worth. Honey calcite aka golden calcite is an excellent stone to call upon for guidance when one is feeling overwhelmed as it helps to balance emotions + offers clarity on one's higher path.

Honey Calcite helps us regain our personal power by easing our stress + worried thoughts. It is especially helpful during challenging times because it enables us to realize we are strong, capable + can persevere through anything that comes our way.

Honey Calcite helps one perceive infinite abundance + overcome scarcity mindset. It helps clear away limiting beliefs by illuminating their source, offering clarity so that you're able to process through these denser emotions.

Honey Calcite resonates with the Root, Solar Plexus + Third Eye chakras.

Each natural stone has been shaped into a polished sphere with slight variations. You will receive the exact stone in the pictures. Weights + measures are approximate. Natural stones may have variations in color, inherent marks, or slight imperfections.