Summertime Self Care Set

$ 69
Solar Infused Modern Self Care Set

Imagine yourself truly relaxed + replenished in mind, body + spirit. These extra special self-care items can make a huge difference in your daily quality of life.

Treat yourself of someone you love to these inspired items to elevate the ordinary...

Includes ($80 value):

Golden Ray Alchemy Mist

An alchemy elixir channeled for the Summer Solstice consisting of Stellar Beam Calcite, Honey Calcite + Citrine, infusing the Golden Ray of Abundance to awaken your inner Sun, guiding you to trust your deeper wisdom, follow your intuition without hesitation + lovingly empower you on your highest path.

Blended with artisan distilled Sweet Melissa hydrosol, colloidal gold, mica + essential oils. Citrine crystals sparkle inside every bottle. Give it a little shake to activate the botanical alchemy.

Details: 1 oz in teal ombre glass with mister. 

Sanitizing Hand Spray

An elevated version of this necessity. A blend of artisan crafted organic alcohol, aloe + our mood lifting, Immune Boosting Essential Oil Blend called SPRINGTIME. Think of a springtime garden party featuring pink grapefruit + rose geranium, clean, bright, fruity floral with an herbal kiss. Learn more HERE.

Details: 2 oz glass bottle with mister top.

Shibori Indgo Dyed Cotton Face Mask

If we must wear a face mask, it may as well be cotton + cute. Hand dyed + sewn by Yuzu & Rose. Best of all, a facial mask will be donated to a front line worker or person in need with each purchase.

Details: Double layered cotton, reversible indigo/cotton print, has filter pocket, elastic ear loops, washable. Each mask is unique with variations in natural dye pattern.

Inspired Restoration Bundles

Inspired Restoration Bundles --- perfect for moving into a new space, or revitalizing a current one. ⁠Clear stagnant energies + set your intentions using the different elements of each bundle.⁠

Details: Each bundle includes: a stick of Palo Santo Wood, small Selenite wand, dried Lavender flowers + a drilled Citrine crystal.⁠ 

Honey Calcite Sphere

Honey Calcite is a stone of clarity, confidence + action with a gentle, loving energy. It encourages positive feelings + bolsters self worth. Honey calcite aka golden calcite is an excellent stone to call upon for guidance when one is feeling overwhelmed as it helps to balance emotions + offers clarity on one's higher path.

Details: approximately 1" diameter, each natural stone has slight variations + will be chosen intuitively for you.

You deserve to surrender to the things that deeply replenish you... ⁠

The Presentation

These come boxed + ready for gifting with a cute label, tied with natural raffia. We're happy to include a hand written gift note for you, just write it into your order comments. Or add one of these Flora Forager note cards to your cart + we'll hand write your sweet note inside the card for you.

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