Travel/Trial 3-Step Organic Skin Care Kit - Choose your moisturizer + cleanser

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Our classic 3-step skincare set benefits virtually all skin types. This trial sized kit is an excellent starter set for those looking to make the switch to a natural skincare routine + will last most people about 2 weeks with twice daily use.

The basic healthy skin regimen consists of a cleanser, toner + moisturizer twice per day. From there you can add exfoliants, masks, serums, or spot treatments appropriate for your individual needs to help your skin stay healthy + beautiful through the changing seasons.

All Sets come with Grace Toner + your choice of cleanser + moisturizer: 

Grace Antioxidant Toner 1.2 oz
The masses of antioxidants in Grace help to tone + condition tissues, aids in cell regeneration + tissue repair. Vitamins A, B, C+ E slow the aging process by disarming free radicals + encouraging healing for smooth, clear skin. 

Chose your Cleanser

Super Detox Charcoal Cleanser 1.2 oz
A calming, cleansing, nourishing, regenerating + protective face wash for all skin types. Super Detox acts like a magnet to remove dirt + oils beyond the surface of your skin, gently purging toxins from your pores. Mild + effective low-suds cleansing agents will not strip your skin's beneficial moisture while balancing oil production + replenishing with vital botanical nutrients.


Kissed Bubbly Wash 1.2 oz
The mild sudsing action of this cleanser gently removes make-up, sunscreen, along with the dirt + grime of the day. This gentle face wash is specially formulated to kiss skin clean of dirt, oils + residues without drying.

Choose your Moisturizer

Chamomile Exquisite Cream 1/4 oz
Our cult classic Chamomile Exquisite Cream is a mid-weight facial moisturizer that is lovingly infused with 23 skin-loving actives including Rooibos, Rosehips + Carrot Seed to gently nurture your skin, calming redness + irritation while softening the signs of aging for radiantly healthy skin that simply glows.


Jasmine Exquisite Cream 1/4 oz
Our richest facial cream fortified with age defying botanicals including free radical fighting Jasmine, anti-inflammatory Sandalwood, anti-aging powerhouse Rooibos, and collagen building Green Tea. The texture is a rich custard that deeply moisturizes and absorbs quickly leaving a luxurious matte finish on your skin.

Find complete product info + ingredients in the individual listings.

Customer Reviews

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Rachael J.
First Try

Purchased the trial/travel set as an intro into handmade skincare products. I am not disappointed! Cleanser feels great, with just the right cleaning power. Toner spritz is a refreshing mist. The cream moisturizer is super luxurious...simply lovely! Very pleased with the whole package!