Wild Mountain Crystal Smudge Bundle ~ temporarily discontinued

$ 20

These are temporarily discontinued as my landscape has burned in the Mill Fire Sept. 2022. In the coming weeks, I will seek out unburned areas + collect the plant materials if it feels aligned.

Wild Mountain Crystal Smudge Bundle ~ Inspired by our beloved Mt Shasta

Made with White Sage to clear the past, Pine for joy, Cedar for attracting abundance, Lavender for it's heart-centered peace + calm, Mountain Sage for new beginnings, Mugwort for dreams + Clear Quartz to amplify your positive intentions.

Indeed the Mountain Sage, Ponderosa Pine + Incense Cedars grow in wild abundance around here.

These ultra-protective cleansing wands are great for purifying your space + eliminating stagnant, negative energies while enhancing your intuition.

And they smell SO unbelievably divine + filled with the Wild Magic of this Sacred Mountain...

I collected fresh pine needles from fallen branches + gathered the sage blossoms before the first rains. The lavender is grown by a dear friend here on the Mountain.

The crystals are from Madagascar + I've had them for several years steeping in Reiki, sound healing + positive vibes. The crystals are a little rugged, but nonetheless beautiful. Some even have rainbows, double terminations, keyholes or other special qualities.

Mountain Sage is also called Desert Mugwort, or Dream Spirit Sage. It's used to promote new beginnings, strength + is excellent for space clearing. 

This Mugwort is grown in my garden! Mugwort's botanical name is Artemisia + it is known as “dream weed” for its unique ability to stimulate dreams + astral travel. When used for smudging it has a subtle, sweet + magical scent + powerful protective properties.

Ponderosa Pine is cleansing, protective. It brings in joy + abundance, while raising the vibration of your space + uplifting your mood.

Lavender brings a cleansing, calming positive energy + opens the heart chakra. Lavender is for relaxation, protection, happiness, purification, sleep, psychic knowledge + dreamy vibes.

White Sage offers protection, clearing negative energy, purification + calmness. The smoke from White Sage has antimicrobial, antibacterial properties + can deter insects.

The medicine of Incense Cedar is wise + powerful. It is highly restorative, purifying + protective. It clears out negative energy + brings in positivity.

Choose your bundle of Incense Cedar, White Sage, Mugwort or Mountain Sage. Each bundle is adorned with Mountain Sage Blossoms, Lavender, Pine Needles + a Clear Quartz Crystal.

All plant materials are ethically + sustainably wild-harvested or lovingly cultivated + tied with cotton + jute.