Wooden Cherry Blossom Sphere Stand + Crystal Display

$ 14

Cherry Blossom Sphere Stand + Crystal Display

This lovely Sakura Flower will make a beautiful display base for your special spheres, eggs + specimens.

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of Spring, a time of renewal. They represent the fleeting nature of life, since their bloom time is so short-lived. However, the fleeting beauty of the blossom is what later brings the nurturing sweetness of the fruit.

This beautiful laser cut wood sphere holder has a lovely overlapping petal design that securely holds varying sizes of spheres, eggs + towers, adding the energy of the Flower of Life into your sacred space.

1.78" diameter
0.8" thick/tall

For reference I've photographed several size spheres in the stand as follows:

Mini Green Aventurine Sphere is 0.8" diameter.
Small Amazonite Sphere is 1.33"/34mm in diameter.
Medium Teal Fluorite Sphere is 2.73"/69mm in diameter.
Aura Rose Quartz Chunk is 2" x  2" x 1.35"
Clear Quartz Lotus is 1.7"/43mm in diameter.
Medium Clear Quartz Sphere is 2.23"/57mm in diameter.
It will hold larger spheres but the flower design is hidden by the sphere. You can see this start to happen with the Teal Fluorite, the largest sphere in these pics.