Triple Moon Crystal Holder + Sphere with Stand Set Option

$ 6

This beautiful Triple Moon Sphere Stand + Crystal Holder is made from light colored wood shaped like the triple moon symbol with moon phase + flower of life design laser etched into the natural wood. This lovely + versatile crystal holder will hold a variety of different pieces in your crystal collection + make a beautiful base to display your special crystals.

This decorative crystal display base can be used as a crystal tower stand, crystal egg holder or crystal ball holder + even displays smaller towers, carvings + figurines beautifully. This crystal stand fits spheres 18mm-77mm, see pics + list of dimensions below. 

3.09" x 1.42"
0.18" thick
0.59" /15mm center hole interior diameter
back is unfinished natural wood

35-37mm Flower Agate Sphere + stand. The sphere will be similar high quality to the pics, with natural variations in colors + patterns to be expected. Read about the crystal healing properties of Flower Agate here.

For reference I've photographed a few different crystals on the stand, number corresponds to the order of pics:

1. Flower Agate Sphere 1.45" (37mm) diameter (set option)
3. Mother Mary 3.98" tall, 1.15" base
4. Mini Rutile Sphere is 0.73"(18.6mm) diameter
5. Smokey Quartz Point is 2.94" x 0.96" x 0.78"
6. Honey Calcite Sphere 2" (51mm) diameter 
7. Orange Calcite Sphere is 2.2"/ 56mm diameter
8. Blue Rose Quartz Sphere is 2.66"(68mm) diameter
9. Girasol Sphere is 3.04"(77mm) diameter
10. Clear Quartz Buddha 2.35" x 1.2" x 1"
11. Flower Agate Sphere 1.45" (37mm) diameter (set option)

These laser etched crystal stands will fit a lot of different crystals but they won't work for everything. Please send me a DM if you have questions or need me to check something for you.