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Artisan-crafted products infused with Herbal Wisdom, True Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Crystal Infusions, Reiki + LOVE for radiant health in mind, body + spirit.

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The Flower Medicine of Roses

The Flower Medicine of Roses

Nature has so much to offer us if we allow ourselves to slow down, be present, and open our hearts to receive her gifts. We're halfway through 2020...

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Earth Friendly

Together we make a difference

Collectively we humans are stewards of this great + beautiful planet, Mama Gaia.

With your continued support we give back to our global community. We truly appreciate YOU being a vital part of this reciprocity. 

Your purchase supports eco + sustainable business practices, minority + women owned companies, organic farms, fair trade, environmental + humanitarian non-profits. Thank you for being the change with us.

with love

from our hands to yours

Our products are made with love to bring moments of beauty + joy into your day, awaken sensory bliss, bringing lasting healing + wellness into your life.

May they inspire self-care rituals that help you slow down + deeply nourish all parts of your being, in mind, body + spirit.

May your skin glow like the petals of a flower and smell as sweet...



Made with love

Fresh + vibrant ingredients

Organically grown botanicals are bursting with life. They have higher vitamin + nutrient profiles - a sort of cosmic purity. They smell extraordinarily good + offer exemplary results in our skincare products. Read more HERE