Sparkly STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Tumbles, Chips + Grid Sets

$ 4

Strawberry Quartz is a heart chakra crystal of joy, universal love + emotional strength. These small Strawberry Quartz Tumbles are rounded, irregular shapes + the chips are teeny tiny as shown in the pics.

Tumbled stones like these Strawberry Quartz Crystals are perfect addition your crystal grids, crystal craft projects, wish jars + intention candles, moon water, or to carry with you throughout the day when you need a little boost of universal love. Strawberry Quartz is safe, non-toxic + non-porous + can be used in terrariums + fish tanks too.* 

Strawberry Quartz can help bring balance to a busy mind, soothe frayed emotions + help our subtle energy bodies find equilibrium.

Meditating with, carrying or crystal gridding with Strawberry Quartz can help attract our true soulmate or twin flame, or strengthen the bonds of intimacy with that person who sees us for who we truly are, loves us unconditionally, calls us on our sh!t + helps us grow, celebrates with us in good times + supports us in challenging ones as a steady loving mirror of oneself.

They're sorted into cohesive sets of 6 based on size/shape, so each set is unique. Some are longer, thinner, some are rounder nuggets + everywhere in between, pics show a few examples. Sets will be chosen intuitively. The last pics, in a box show 1 oz of small tumbles + 1 oz of tiny chips weighed out.

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Chips may have other stones random mixed in. Weights + measures are approximate.

*Clean before adding anything into your fish tank.

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