Small Ocean Jasper Meditation Stones

$ 5

Hold a small ocean jasper meditation stone for comfort + grounding energy. These polished flat, rounded pebble shapes are perfect for holding in the palm of the hand or carrying in your pocket.

These pretty OJ Palms have some lovely variety in the stone coloring + patterns. Yours could have any combination of green, pink, purple, red, orange, cream, white, gray, blue, tan, brown + black or be mostly one color as shown in the pics. Some even have small orbicular bubbles, druzy pockets, agate banding + lots of pretty color combinations. Each piece of ocean jasper is one of a kind + will be intuitively chosen for you.

0.3-0.7 oz each
1.04"-1.3" diameter
0.56"-0.63" thick


Ocean Jasper is affectionately called OJ + comes from remote coastal mines in Madagascar. It has an earthy grounding energy steeped in ancient wisdom. Ocean Jasper is known as The Atlantis Stone + it's believed to be linked to the ancient city, holding mystic knowledge within its crystalline structure.

Ocean Jasper is highly beneficial for channeling spiritual wisdom + gaining insight into one’s past lives. It's helpful in meditation gently offering mental clarity + focus. This stone is grounding + centering. Ocean Jasper is beneficial in your yoga + breathwork practice as it's a stone of continuity, facilitating deep + even circular breathing.

The colors + patterns vary wildly from stone to stone. Ocean Jasper is a natural gift from Gaia with each piece being completely unique, one of a kind + very interesting. They're all a sort of roundish, flat pebble shape. These are natural stones with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns + color. Weights + measures are approximate.