Banded Black Agate Palm Stones

$ 35

When you need a little stabilizing comfort, hold one of these soothing Banded Black Agate aka Black Sardonyx palm stones. 

This unique Agate crystal is characterized by its graphic black + white banding patterns, ranging from thin, delicate lines to thick, bold stripes. Black Agate promotes emotional balance + inner strength. This crystal ally is particularly supportive in meditation + spiritual practices.

The lovely polished oval shape fits into the palm of your hand, perfect for holding while watching a movie, travelling, during meditation or even falling asleep.

1 ~ 3.4 oz, 2.49" x 1.72" x 0.89" small druzy cavern on both sizes
2 ~ 3.3 oz, 2.57" x 1.71" x 0.87" druzy + natural cracks
3 ~ 3.2 oz, 2.55" x 1.62" x 0.84" druzy + natural stone texture
4 ~ 2.3 oz, 2.43" x 1.55" x 0.78" natural cracks
5 ~ 2.6 oz, 2.42" x 1.47" x 0.82" natural pits/stone texture
6 ~ 3.2 oz, 2.52" x 1.65" x 0.94" natural hole through the middle
7 ~ 2 oz, 2.17" x 1.53" x 0.77" natural crack lines + stone texture
8 ~ 2.8 oz, 2.4" x 1.31" x 1.04" natural crack lines + stone texture

These palmstones are smooth polished + do have some natural variation in the stone including mineral inclusions, natural crack lines, texture, pits, holes, and/or dings specifically mentioned above, that you can see in the pics. You will receive the exact stone you choose from the numbered pics.

Crystal Healing Properties of Banded Black Agate

⁠Banded Black Agate has a grounding + centering crystal energy. Black Agate balances + stabilizes the Root Chakra, reminding you to go with the flow. This gorgeous, glossy black + white stone helps to clear negative thoughts, making space for more peaceful vibrations to enter your energetic field.

These are lovely natural stones each with slight variation in coloring + patterning in the stone. These hand carved stones are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns + color. Ethically sourced from Madagascar. Weights + measures are approximate.