Rainbow Fluorite Spiral Goddess

$ 40

Bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into your space + your sacred self care practices with one of these hand-carved Crystal Goddess Figurines.⁠ Shaped out a beautiful multi-colored crystal called Fluorite, she is the Spiral Goddess. With the spiral of life on her belly, she can hold your intentions as a meditation tool, manifestation talisman or a fertility crystal.

Fluorite crystals have a grounding + harmonizing spiritual energy coming through in the clear, blue, teal, magenta, purple colors + undulating patterns in the natural stone. Bring peace, bliss, calm + positive vibes to your sacred space with these luminous Fluorite Goddess carvings. 

1 ~ 32 g, 3.15" x 1.03 x 0.47"
2 ~ 33 g, 3.15" x 1.03" x 0.51"
3 ~ 31 g, 3.08" x 1.03" x 0.51" 
4 ~ 32 g, 3.08" x 1" x 0.48" 

The Goddess, She represents our feminine powers, the higher aspects of the Divine Feminine, the Cosmic Womb, our Mother Earth.⁠ She is you. She is me. She is the Goddess within.

Sweet Sister, if you find yourself reading this, you already know that you are a Goddess. A divinely perfect + divinely unique expression of Source. Maiden, Mother, or Elder, Awake or Awakening, you are Divine.

May this goddess figurine, hand-shaped from the natural stone of the Earth, nourish your wild, open the pathways of your intuition to connect you with your higher self + awaken the powers of the Universe within you + deepen your connection to the source of all creation.

May She awaken, inspire + empower the Goddess within you.

She is an ancient symbol of life's renewing potential, the Eve-olution of our human journey.⁠ She reaches to the moon, drawing down the Divine Feminine + embracing the potential of her sacred energy.⁠

Goddess figurines represent feminine virtues such as beauty, love, sexuality, motherhood + fertility.⁠ I did some quick research + the oldest Spiral Goddess I could date was a stone carving found in Romania, 4300 BC.

You will receive the exact fluorite goddess that you choose from the numbered pictures. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

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Kathryne R
This piece is very special to me. She's ev...

This piece is very special to me. She's even more beautiful in person. Thank you for delivering such quality pieces, I'm very appreciative!

Leda B
I was so excited for the goddess to come a...

I was so excited for the goddess to come and she did not disappoint. She's even more beautiful in person and the PERFECT size for what I wanted. So so happy

Liza D
The crystals are absolutely gorgeous and e...

The crystals are absolutely gorgeous and exactly as described. My order shipped quickly and was very well packaged. The seller put lots of attention to detail in the packaging as well, including cute personal touches and a free gift. I highly recommend this seller!

Filomena L
Exactly as pictured and just what I wanted...

Exactly as pictured and just what I wanted! It was well packaged and arrived quickly. I will purchase from this seller again!