Big Green Aventurine Angel Figurine

$ 99

This beautiful one of a kind crystal angel is hand carved from Green Aventurine, a naturally green stone that offers heart-centered blessings from Gaia. Aventurine crystal energy resonates with the heart chakra. This gentle crystal comforts harmonizes + diffuses negative emotions. Green Aventurine is known as a lucky crystal that attracts abundance.

This piece Green Aventurine is a deep saturated green color with beautiful glowing translucence that shows in the wings when the angel carving is backlit. This sweet crystalline angel glows, bringing a nurturing, protective energy to your space, sweetly emanating her divine loving energy. Her crystalline magic is potent + ready to nurture you on your path.

7.2 oz/ 205g
3.91" tall
2.33" wingspan
1.17" thick

This is your Guardian Angel. Anytime you're anxious or uneasy, imagine these angel wings of light encircling you, offering you comfort, protection + security in the knowing that you are Loved.

Use this special figurine to call in your angels + spirit guides or come into alignment with your Highest Truth. Allow this crystal angel to serve as your shining light, to illuminate the destiny of your Divine Calling. Meditate with it, infuse it with your love + program it's crystalline structure as your protector, a symbol of divine guidance for your highest good + the highest good of all. If you're gifting this beauty you can program it with this method for another person as well.


Green Aventurine resonates with the heart chakra, protecting the heart + promoting compassion. It's an excellent choice to boost confidence, attract luck, abundance + success. It's also said to help attract love later in life.

Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it + is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. Aventurine is an ally wherever you are in your spiritual journey.The sweet, soothing energy of this stone connects you with the Earth, inspiring higher consciousness + replenishing your spirit with joyful energy. The energetic state of Joy is the foundation for manifesting abundance + actualizing your true potential.

You will receive the exact crystal angel carving that you see in the pictures. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.


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Kendra M
The Green Aventurine Cyrstal Angel 😇 # 1...

The Green Aventurine Cyrstal Angel 😇 # 1 Figurine Is 'GORGEOUS!' Exactly as Depicted, Arrived Quickly, Was Packaged Exceptionally
Well, & Extremely 👍👀👍 Professional. It Exceeded All Expectations, & I'm Happy With my purchase. 👍☺️👍 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STORE! 🙏 As Any of the Wonderful Treasures Would Truly make a Lovely 👍👀👍 & Awesome gift 🎁 🛍 for Yourself, a Friend or Both. 😃
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'Thank You Kindly.' 👍😊👍