$ 89


Amethyst is a stone of intuition, peace + spiritual growth. It's a wind/air element stone that resonates with the Third Eye, Crown + the Etheric Chakras above the head.

The angelic rainbow sheen of Angel Aura Amethyst Crystals emits a vibration that aids insight + connection with the divine. These special crystals are a direct energetic connection to the Angelic Realms.

14.3 oz (408 g)
2.62" (57 mm) diameter

Purifying + balancing for all of the chakras, this glowing beauty integrate the light body into the physical dimension.

Amethyst has a high, sweet energy that is easily accessible through it's beautiful purple sparkles. Amethyst Aura is a spiritually expansive stone that stimulates your intuition + awakens your psychic abilities.

It's cleansing + strengthening the aura. These crystals open communication channels with your spirit guides + angels.

The sphere shape allows the light + energy to move in all directions + light illuminate the colors + patterns of the stone from virtually every angle.⁠⁠

Amethyst beams the angelic Violet Ray of Healing which works to transmute our fears, threats, negative energies, thoughts + psychic debris.    

The calming, soothing vibrations of an Amethyst help you relax, reduce your stress levels + sleep better.    

Amethyst is an excellent stone for your meditation space, bedroom, treatment room, or office. Offering clarity + enhanced intuition to help you make decisions that are aligned with your Spirit.

Aura Crystals are made through a combination of science + nature, where metals are bonded onto the crystal. This alchemical process fuses platinum + gold onto top grade crystals, resulting in a pearly iridescent, opalescent aura which accentuates the interior dimensions, fractals + inclusions of the natural crystal. 

These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns, color saturation, flash + clarity.  Weights + measures are approximate.