BLACK OBSIDIAN POINTS for energetic protection

$ 10.10

Obsidian is a protective, truth-enhancing stone, offering clarity of mind. It helps you to know who you truly are in your highest incarnation of self.

Black Obsidian can be used as a shield against negativity as it absorbs negative energies from the environment + blocks psychic attacks. Obsidian helps one to begin to dissolve emotional blockages + heal past traumas.

Obsidian stimulates growth on all levels weaving new pathways for forgiveness, compassion + strength. It promotes exploration of the unknown + opens one up to new possibilities on the horizon.

Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms as a result of specific volcanic conditions when lava cools quickly.

Obsidian resonates with the Root Chakra: The Root Chakra brings security + grounding to your daily life. When this Chakra is in balance it can bring passion + empowerment.

These towers are beautiful, high gloss, smooth polish, gemmy, deep reflective black colored stones.  Some have inclusions in the volcanic glass.

Mini: 41 g, 3" tall
Extra Small: 48-49 g, 3.12"-3.2" tall
Small: 59-62 g, 3.22"-3.44" tall
Medium: 64-66 g, 3.26"-3.39" tall
Large: 68-73 g, 3.38"-3.79" tall

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.