Blue Flash LABRADORITE Roses

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Hand carved from flashy blue labradorite with lovely details, these crystal roses would fit well in your crystal grid designs + be a treasured + thoughtful gift for any crystal collector or plant lover.

Typically Roses are most often associated with love + romance. Blue roses represent feminine energy + are a symbol of something beautiful, yet unattainable. Blue Roses emit the blue Ray of Healing which is a soft compassionate energy that awakens your empathic abilities + nurtures your sense of self. It is said that through a blue rose, the universe can encourage you to make an impact in the world around you.

Adding different crystal shapes + crystal carvings, like this labradorite crystal rose is a really fun way to expand your crystal collection + bring some fun + personality to your crystal displays + crystal decor. They're so pretty + look beautiful when paired with other crystals like towers, spheres + crystal carvings like fairies + animals.

Labradorite is a stone of Insight, Magic + Destiny. When you feeling like you need a cosmic reboot, sit in meditation with your Labradorite crystal + invite a deep recalibration into your being + visualize activating your highest timelines.

Rose 1:  0.7 oz, 1.52" x 1.34" x 0.41"
Rose 2:  1 oz, 1.56" x 1.39" x 0.53"
Rose 3:  0.7 oz, 1.51" x 1.31" x 0.42"

These crystal roses have a strong blue flash when the light hits the stone both front + back. They're beautifully carved on the front with a flat back. These rose cabochons would be beautiful in your jewelry designs, on your vanity, or just floating in your jewelry box.


Hold Labradorite in meditation to activate the Third Eye ~ allowing you to see the past more clearly + envision potential future timelines.

Labradorite aids the Lightworker in accessing the potential of higher consciousness, opening you to the endless potential of Creation ~ for the highest good of all.

On a quick glance this Seers Stone can look ordinary + dark. Then with a small shift in perspective, it's Inner Light flashes a special kind of chatoyance called Labradorescence ~ which is a brilliant flash of rainbow colors ranging from baby blue to the quintessential Lemurian bluish greenish teal to indigo, purple, pink, red, orange, peach + golden, depending on the stone.

Labradorite is a powerful Wind element stone often used for magic + divination as it creates a protective force field around the aura, opening your consciousness + enabling you to move through the unseen realms.

Direct sun is the most effective lighting to bring out the flash in this beautiful hand-shaped labradorite crystal from Madagascar. 

Reference: The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons + Naisha Ashian

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Holly N
Beautiful rose labradorite, perfect fit in...

Beautiful rose labradorite, perfect fit in the palm of the hand. The shipping was quick and it was packaged with a small bonus gift :)