Custom Channeled Triple Moon Goddess Crystal Set

$ 50

Bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into your space + your sacred self care practices with an intuitively chosen, divinely Channeled Triple Moon Goddess Crystal Set. Each set starts with a hand-carved Selenite Goddess + 3 Clear Quartz Crystal Stars. You provide three keywords + I will intuitively select 3 different crystal moons just for you, based on your keywords. This custom goddess themed crystal set is a meaningful + thoughtful gift for yourself or someone you love.

The pictures show a variety of sets so you can see what yours might look like with the different crystal moons intuitively chosen based on your keywords. Some keyword ideas could be "Virgo, transition, purple" or "new job, finding joy, abundance" or "fertility, harmony, intuitive gifts" or "root chakra, releasing negative thought patterns, find my soulmate" or "Jennifer, ocean lover, insomnia" or "peace, love, light" anything else, or nothing!! Or leave it to the Angels! And I'll ask the higher realms for guidance on your triple moon combination.

I'm honored to tune in + choose a custom channeled Triple Moon Goddess Crystal Set just for you + infuse the crystals with Reiki + the intention of aligning you on your highest path.

I have over 30 different kinds of small stone crystal moons 0.5"-1.5" to choose from for your sets. The fun is in the intuitive selection, mindfully chosen just for you along with all of the beautiful ways these stone carvings will come together in your life, your sacred self care, altar space, manifestation practices, oracle card readings, meditations, moon rituals, crystal grid designs, inspiration, creativity + more. 

Selenite Goddess detailed carving on the front, flat back, approx. 2.7" tall
3 tiny Clear Quartz Stars
3 intuitively chosen small Crystal Moons 0.5"-1.5"
labeled with the type of stone + the key metaphysical properties
Printout of my writing on the Goddess (below)
All tucked into a cotton travel pouch hand stamped with our logo
Write your words in the order notes or reply to your order confirmation email. If you do not submit your keywords, your set will be chosen based on pure intuition*

Crystal Goddess Figurines represent feminine virtues such as beauty, love, sexuality, motherhood + fertility.⁠ The Triple Moon represents the Maiden, Mother + Crone divine aspects of the Goddess as well as the waxing, waning + full moon cycles. Stars represent divine guidance, imagination + the magic of the cosmos.

The Goddess, She represents our feminine powers, the higher aspects of the Divine Feminine, the Cosmic Womb, our Mother Earth.⁠ She is you. She is me. She is the Goddess within.

Sweet Sister, if you find yourself reading this, you already know that you are a Goddess. A divinely perfect + divinely unique expression of Source. Maiden, Mother, or Elder, Awake or Awakening, you are Divine.

May this goddess figurine, hand-shaped from the natural stone of the Earth, nourish your wild, open the pathways of your intuition to connect you with your higher self + awaken the powers of the Universe within you + deepen your connection to the source of all creation.

May She awaken, inspire + empower the Goddess within you.

She is an ancient symbol of life's renewing potential, the Eve-olution of our human journey.⁠ She reaches to the moon, drawing down the Divine Feminine + embracing the potential of her sacred energy.⁠

I did some quick research + the oldest Spiral Goddess I could date was a stone carving found in Romania, 4300 BC.

A crystal goddess can be a helpful fertility crystal + a supportive stone for the journey of motherhood. Place a goddess figurine as the centerpiece of your crystal grids + surround her with nurturing stones of love, womb healing, creativity, relationships + abundance.

*If you choose a word with multiple meanings such as cancer, please add a qualifier, ie Cancer astrological sign or breast cancer. The intuitively chosen moons could be any type of crystal moon in my inventory you see in my shop + many more not listed yet with the exclusion of aquamarine + lapis because of the higher price point. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

For entertainment purposes, not to be considered medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional for any medical or health related advice.

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Cali H
Beautiful pieces and Fast shipping.

Beautiful pieces and Fast shipping.

Claudie B
Beautiful set. Jessica is super intuitive...

Beautiful set. Jessica is super intuitive and chose crystals with personal significant meaning to me. High quality, as always. The selenite goddess is small but mighty. Her packages are clearly shipped with love and kindness.