DIY Crystal Grid Kit for Energetic Protection

$ 48

This DIY Crystal Grid Kit comes with 17 crystals, a wooden sacred geometry template + info on each crystal included + instructions to help create your own personal crystal healing grid design. This crystal set has everything you need to make your own crystal grid for energetic protection in your home, meditation room, or workspace.

Crystal grid layouts are a fun, intuitive + creative ritual to help you manifest your higher timelines with consciousness + intention.

The Crystals included work specifically for energetic protection, moon rituals, clearing negativity + creating a container for deepening your meditation practices by calming + grounding your energy. 

Set Includes
1x Sacred Geometry wood template 3.95" diameter, 0.11" thick (choose Flower of Life or Metatron's Cube)
1x Thousand Layer Garden Quartz Mini Polished Freeform Point (1"-1.75" tall)
2x Dalmatian Stone Crescent Moons
2x Mahogany Obsidian Crescent Moons 
6x Obsidian Tumbles (10-25g)
6x rough Quartz Points (15-31g)
Plus info on each of the crystals with easy to follow instructions on how to put together + use your crystal grid.

A crystal grid is a beautiful + powerful geometric pattern of energetically aligned crystals charged by your intentions for the purpose of manifestation. Crystal grids create an energetic field that taps into source energy + combines with your vibration, supporting your intentions in alignment with the highest good of all.

The power of a crystal grid is held in the combined energies of the crystals you use, the alignment of sacred geometry + the design you place the crystals in, but specially, from the intention you set + the energy you give to it. They're sort of like an constant prayer.

Crystal Healing Properties

Thousand Layer Garden Quartz is a stone of deep earth wisdom with an ascended perspective, characterized by distinct layers of minerals encapsulated within the crystal. Each layer showing the passage of time, evidence of environmental factors + a glimpse into the primordial soup of their formation. These crystals are grounding, wise + protective. Garden Quartz contains a vast array of mineral inclusions, which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Manganese, Chlorite + Rutile in different hues + formations. They are record keeper crystals + great teachers of the living library. 

Dalmatian Stone is a Root Chakra Crystal that helps strengthen your connection to Mama Gaia. This speckled mineral from Mexico reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life + brings a lighthearted energy into your space.

Obsidian is grounding + protective. When used with intention, Obsidian is the best crystal to use used as a shield against negativity as it absorbs negative energies from the environment + blocks psychic attacks.

Mahogany Obsidian has Hematite or Magnetite inclusions showing in rusty red, color patterns in the black. It's protective + grounding + helps you move past your limiting beliefs.

Quartz is the Master Healer of the crystal world. It's a stone of clarity, light, reflection + amplification.

Photos show one of the grid sets. Each set is unique, just like each crystal. Your set will look similar, but not exactly the same. Weights + measures are approximate.

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Leslie E
I'm litterally blown away by this grid. I'...

I'm litterally blown away by this grid. I've loved it since the moment I came across the listing and in person it does not disappoint. The seller sent me a message letting me know it was shipping early with tracking info and ETA. And it arrived a day earlier than she estimated AND she threw in a thank you gift! I strongly encouraged purchasing from this seller!