Yttrium Fluorite Angel Carving

$ 89

This luminous fluorite crystal angel is lovingly carved with her hands over her heart + beautiful details in the her wings. This sweet natural crystal angel figurine glows in the light, bringing a nurturing, protective energy to your space. This crystal angel is ready to bless your sacred space, sweetly emanating her divine loving energy. Her crystalline magic is potent + ready to nurture you on your path.

This stone angel is carved from a special type of fluorite, Yttrium Fluorite which has an angelic translucence + a grounding + harmonizing spiritual energy that emanates through the clear, lavender + green colors + undulating banding patterns in the natural stone.

5.3 oz
3.91" tall
1.84" wingspan
1.55" x 1.35" at the base

Use this special figurine to call in your angels, spirit guides, and/or come into alignment with your Highest Truth. Allow this purple fluorite angel to serve as your shining light, to illuminate the destiny of your Divine Calling. Meditate with it, infuse it with your love + program it's crystalline structure as your protector, a symbol of divine guidance for your highest good + the highest good of all. If you're gifting this beauty you can program it with this method for another person as well.

This is your Guardian Angel. Anytime you're anxious or uneasy, imagine these angel wings of light encircling you, offering you comfort, protection + security in the knowing that you are Loved.

Yttrium Fluorite is balancing to the Third Eye Chakra + promotes mental clarity. Fluorite increases your intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness + develops connection to Spirit.

Fluorite has a stabilizing energy, encouraging positivity + balance. It increases self confidence + helps you with decision making.

This beautiful high frequency stone helps you to develop your intuition, with a gentle, supporting energy that promote the full spectrum of psychic abilities.

Pictures show a variety of lighting, both natural + lamp, and different times of the day to show how the colors + patterns in the stone looks in a variety of settings. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.