Laser Woodcut Crystal Grid Templates in Two Styles: Metatron’s Cube or Flower of Life Merkabah

$ 10

Metatron’s Cube or Flower of Life Merkabah Woodcut Crystal Grid Template

Manifest your dreams, goals + desires with crystal gridding!

A crystal grid is a beautiful + powerful geometric pattern of energetically aligned crystals charged by your intentions for the purpose of manifestation. Crystal grids create an energetic field that taps into source energy + combines with your vibration, supporting your intentions in alignment with the highest good of all.

This beautiful laser cut wood grid template adds the energy of sacred geometry to your crystal grids. It's also a beautiful decorative piece all on its own.

Crystalline layouts are a fun, intuitive + creative ritual to help you manifest your realities with consciousness + intention.

Their power lies in the combined energies of the crystals you use, the sacred geometry + how you lay the crystals out, but specially, from the intention you set + the energy you give to it. They're sort of like a a constant prayer.

The Flower of Life is the symbol of creation. It's one of the most recognizable sacred geometry shapes. It's a geometric symbol that consists of seven or more overlapping circles that are spaced evenly apart from one another forming a pattern of perfectly symmetrical flowers petals. It's the basic template for everything in existence. Many geometric patterns can be found within it, including sacred geometry shapes like Metatron’s Cube + the Merkabah.

A Merkabah is the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with + reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

Metatron's cube contains every shape that exists in the Universe + those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter. They are known as Platonic solids because the philosopher Plato linked them to the spirit world of heaven + the physical elements on Earth. Those three-dimensional shapes appear throughout creation, in all everything from crystals to human DNA.

The circles represent the thirteen archangels with the circle of Metatron at the center. All the circles are also connected by straight lines, reflecting the intimate balance of feminine + the masculine energies linked together, so as everything in the universe is linked to everything else.

3.95" diameter
0.11" thick
laser cut wood

This is just for the grid, stones much be purchased separately. I have many special crystals for your grid creations including the moons, stars, hearts, small spheres, flowers, animals + Goddess figurines, that you see in these example pics as well as curated sets of tumbled stones.

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