Mini Fluorite Crystal Dolphins

$ 11.11

Bring a mini crystal dolphin into your sacred space for joyful inspiration. These little Fluorite Dolphins are so cute!! They're a good size to use in your crystal grids + as a playful accent to your crystal collection. Listing is for one mini-sized rainbow fluorite dolphin carving, about 1.4" long with the carved details on the front + a flat back. 

0.2-0.35 oz
1.42" long
0.89-0.9" wide
0.27"-0.35" thick

Intuitively chosen from the batch you see in these pics. If you want a specific dolphin, write a note with your order or send me a DM. I will accommodate if it's still available.


Our Spirit Animals show up when we need them the most. Dolphins are the Master Healers of the animal world. Dolphin energy is playful + joyful. Dolphins remind us not to take life too seriously. They invite us to nourish our spirits, to sing, laugh, dance + play.

People who identify with the Dolphin Totem are usually peaceful, gentle + wise, with a deep inner strength + emotional intelligence.

Dolphins remind us to trust ourselves + follow the guidance of our deepest intuition. Dolphins inspire us to honor the flow of our lives + help us find balance, harmony + alignment with our most authentic selves.

The Dolphin is also said to hold the energy of the Platinum Ray, which can be used to heal, clear + clarify energies.

Dolphins are excellent animal spirit guides for inner child work. Their spirit medicine can help to heal + nourish those forgotten and suppressed aspects of ourselves that long to be loved, that yearn to come up to the surface + heal.


Rainbow Fluorite is balancing to the Third Eye Chakra + promotes mental clarity. Fluorite increases your intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness + develops connection to Spirit.

Rainbow Fluorite has a stabilizing energy, encouraging positivity + balance. It increases self confidence + helps you with decision making. It's a good crystal to keep on your desk + an excellent crystal for students as it can help with concentration.

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. These crystal dolphins are hand carved + no two are identical. Weights + measures are approximate.