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Moonstone evokes the Goddess + the energy of the Moon.

Peach Moonstone is warm + bright, like moonlight on a hot summer night. It's a feeling of enhanced creativity, sensual celebration + vibrant psychic power.

This stone invites you to embrace the Goddess + the empowered feminine. Peach Moonstone's loving energy promotes the Divine in all situations.

Peach Moonstone is an excellent stone to incorporate into your full moon + new moon rituals.

As a stone of new beginnings it shines brightly, illuminating our visions + dreams, helping us to chart a clear path forward in our lives.

Peach Moonstone brings a warm feminine energy offering soothing relief + gently nudges you to release emotional stresses such as depression, anger + anxiety.

Hold a Peach Moonstone in meditation to heighten your intuition, access inner wisdom + receive divine inspiration.

Like the Moon, this stone is reflective + reminds us that just as the Moon waxes + wanes, everything is a part of a cycle of change.

Allow Peach Moonstone to inspire you to blossom into your full potential.

Listing is for one heart, intuitively chosen for you. They vary in shape as shown in pics with some being wide + thin, others slightly rounder + thicker. Colors range from creamy white to peach to silvery gray with varying amounts of silver or golden flash. These are hand-carved hearts. Most are slightly irregular in shape + no two are exactly alike.