Purple Labradorite Owl

$ 111

Add a Purple Labradorite Owl to your crystal collection + bring it's expansive energy into your sacred space. Place a Purple Crystal Owl as the centerpiece in your crystal grids, in your moon rituals, on your nightstand for protection in the dream state or on your work desk for inspiration + clear thinking.

Owl Medicine is a feminine trait + is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection + magic.

Labradorite is a stone of Insight, Magic + Destiny. When you feeling like you need a cosmic reboot, sit in meditation with your Labradorite crystal + invite a deep recalibration into your being + visualize activating your highest timelines while the Owl spirit protects you + offers insight.

Purple Labradorite is the most peaceful of the colors of Labradorite, deepening one's connection with Spirit. Violet, Purple + Lavender Labradorite stimulates the Third Eye + is an excellent crystal for focused meditation + boosting one’s intuition + psychic abilities.

6.4 oz
2.59" tall
1.99" wide x 1.76" deep

The color on this carving is subtle + dependent on the light angle. You can get it flash like the pics by playing with the lighting source + angle to find the most effective lighting to bring out the flash in this natural labradorite crystal from Madagascar. Photos taken indoors in natural sunlight.


Labradorite aids the Lightworker in accessing the potential of higher consciousness, opening you to the endless potential of Creation ~ for the highest good of all.

On a quick glance this Seers Stone can look ordinary + dark. Then with a small shift in perspective, it's Inner Light flashes a special kind of chatoyance called Labradorescence ~ which is a brilliant flash of rainbow colors ranging from baby blue to the quintessential Lemurian bluish greenish teal to indigo, purple, pink, red, orange, peach, yellow, silver to golden, depending on the stone.

Labradorite is a powerful Wind/Air element stone often used for magic + divination as it creates a protective force field around the aura, opening your consciousness + enabling you to move through the unseen realms.


The Owl is considered to be a Messenger Totem, responsible for carrying messages from the Spirit delivering omens, messages + information from the ancestors.

Night is Owl’s friend. Owl can see in the dark + can accurately pinpoint + identify sound. It has great awareness + intuition, and the courage to follow its instincts. The owl can be a fierce warrior if challenged, or if something dear to it is threatened.

Owls can show up when you are being asked to listen to your intuition.

You will receive the crystal owl that you see in these pics. Weights + measures are approximate.