Purple Rose Quartz Tower

$ 121

This rare deep Purple Rose Quartz Tower will make a stunning addition to your crystal collection + bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into your sacred space. The colors in this beautiful crystal range from pinkish lavender to milky grayish lilac to pinkish purple to deep magenta + darker purple with varying levels of milky luminosity + transparency plus a vein of Golden Healer running though the stone.

This unique high quality stone has some some milk quartz translucence, opaline girasol properties, rich purple, deep lavender + blue rose quartz hues.

14.5 oz (412 g)
5.05" tall
1.94" x 1.94" x 1.79" diagonal edges
1.74" x 1.74" x 1.65" flat sides/base


Purple or Lavender Rose Quartz is a rare variety of Rose Quartz that has a purple-ish hue due to the presence of higher concentrations of manganese and/or titanium. Lavender Rose Quartz will have all of the properties of Pink Rose Quartz + offer a deeper, grounding energy + amplified connection with the Divine Feminine.

There is not much info on Purple or Lavender Rose Quartz as it's a relatively new find, so I tuned in + channeled these crystal healing properties:
Lavender Rose Quartz is a stone of feminine healing. It is excellent to use during your moon cycle + in the passages between the maiden, mother + elder phases in life. Work with Lavender Rose Quartz to heal the blood lines, in womb healing, healing the mother wound + past life trauma healing. Lavender Rose Quartz offers gentle, loving support in working through the layers of PTSD.

Lavender Rose Quartz opens the pathways to deep ancestral healing + transmutation. Over time with consistent use, it clears the pathways for you to more fully embody your unique expression of the Divine Feminine without fear.

All varieties of Rose Quartz hold the energies of unconditional love + compassion. It infuses your environment with heart-warming, heart-centered energy.⁠ Rose Quartz radiates love.

Golden Healer Quartz allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra, clearing blockages + imbalances, aligning all of the chakras. 

Natural crystals + stones are gifts from Gaia that may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal that you see in the pictures.