Rainbow Fluorite Moon Face

$ 28 $ 70

Rainbow Fluorite Moon Face Carvings bring peace, bliss, calm + positive vibes into your sacred space. These big crystal moons are carved from colorful fluorite with lovely watery translucence, pretty colors + distinct banding. They both have flaws described below, discounted accordingly.

The Moon is a powerful, feminine symbol representing the universal rhythm of time, the cycles of life, the ebb + flow of the tides, the ever-changing seasons.

Fluorite crystals have a grounding + harmonizing spiritual energy coming through in the clear, blue, teal, magenta, purple colors + undulating patterns in the natural stone. Sprinkle some celestial magic into your world with these beautiful multicolored gemstone moons.

# 1/teal ~ 2.75 oz, 3.41 x 1.93" x 0.56 **top tip is chipped, slightly rough but not sharp, happened after photos, so look at the square pic showing the chip normal retail $64
# 2/purple ~ 3.75 oz, 3.56 x 2.06" x 0.6 **one side has a natural crack in the stone from the eye to the lip, normal retail $70


Rainbow Fluorite is balancing to the Third Eye Chakra + promotes mental clarity. Fluorite increases your intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness + develops connection to Spirit.

Rainbow Fluorite has a stabilizing energy, encouraging positivity + balance. It increases self confidence + helps you with decision making. It's a good crystal to keep on your desk + an excellent crystal for students as it can help with concentration.

You will receive the exact one of a kind crystal moon that you choose from the numbers/pictures. Each crystal is unique in patterning + may have inherent marks, inclusions or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.