Large YELLOW FLUORITE MOON FACE, Hand-Carved Fluorite Crescent Moon

$ 77


Yellow Fluorite is a stone of Manifestation + Abundance⁠.
The Moon is a powerful, feminine symbol representing the universal rhythm of time, the cycles of life, the ebb + flow of the tides, the ever-changing seasons...⁠

A rare stone of the Golden Ray, yellow fluorite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra helping you feel powerful + filled with possibility. It enhances self esteem, joy + happiness.⁠⠀
Often called the Genius Stone, Golden or Yellow Fluorite embodies the highest ideals of the mind.⁠⠀
Fluorite increases concentration + encourages a positive outlook. It's a great stone to help you see situations more ⁠clearly.⁠ It attracts resources to you + helps you manifest your visions. ⁠⠀
Yellow fluorite is associated with unity, intellectual development + creativity. It supports understanding + logical thinking while boosting your imagination, creativity + sense of resourcefulness. ⁠⠀
Yellow fluorite is an excellent choice for business owners to work with as it helps you solidify + magnetize your offerings + attract your ideal clients.⁠

The Moon is calling you to release what no longer serves + step into your power to embody your most authentic self.⁠

6.3 oz (179g)
4.3" tall
2.54" wide
0.54" thick

You will receive the exact one of a kind crystal moon that you see in the pictures. Each crystal is unique in patterning + may have inherent marks, inclusions or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

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