Rose Quartz Moon + Stars for Unconditional Love

$ 10

These stunning high quality Rose Quartz Moon + Star shaped crystals are beautiful in your moon phase decor, crystal grid designs + make a sweet little crystal gift set as well. These small crystal moon and stars are 1.1"-1.2" and made from a rare, super high quality rose quartz from Madagascar with a beautiful saturated pink color with gel translucence.

Rose Quartz emits a peaceful, loving crystal energy that helps calm anxiety + is a good stone for stress relief.

Celestial crystals are a power addition to your altar decor, oracle card readings + they accent the other crystals in your collection beautifully. These pink crystal moon and stars can be used in a variety of crystal crafts including jewelry design, wish jars, intention candles + more.

I love a dish of pretty crystal moons + stars, spheres + other shapes on my nightstand as part of my bedroom decor. How will you use your collection of magical crystal carvings?

Moons: 8-9 g, 1.15"-1.18" tall
Stars: 7-9 g, 1.11"-1.22" diameter

Intuitively chosen for you. These crystals are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns, color saturation + clarity.

Crystal Moons are powerful, feminine symbols representing the universal rhythm of time, the cycles of life, the ebb + flow of the tides, the ever-changing seasons. Crystal Stars are symbolic of divine guidance + protection, as well as imagination, wonder, dreams + magic.

Rose Quartz is a water element heart chakra stone of unconditional LOVE. The energy of Rose Quartz is heart-warming, heart-centered + so gentle. Breathe that energy into every cell in your body.

Close your eyes + breath it in, long + slow. Inhale love, exhale any pent up energy, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty + know that you are love to the very core of your being. You are made of love. You are loved. You are love.