DIY Skincare Recipe :: Soothing Rosewater Eye De-Puffer

Naturally revive your tired puffy eyes with this very easy and sweet-smelling DIY skincare recipe for beautiful skin by SpaGoddess. This simple, soothing herbal formula is versatile and can be used in a few different ways to complete a lovely home spa day.

We've got a LOVELY + replenishing Home Spa Facial all planned for you! 

Two simple, yet powerful ingredients come together in this DIY Flower Power Elixir for beautiful skin. Roses and Chamomile are two of our favorite skin care ingredients for their gentle, yet powerful calming, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties for the skin and spirit.

We value the skin healing properties of Chamomile and Roses so much that you will find them in most of the SpaGoddess Apothecary skin care formulas. Have a look at all of the sweet and soothing products in our apothecary that contain Chamomile here, and our lovely, luxurious Rose Collection here.

DIY Chamomile Rose Eye Depuffer

Ingredients Truly Matter

Just like in our organic skincare products, the quality and freshness of ingredients makes a huge difference in the finished products. I'm not just talking about scent, but also in potency of botanical nutrients, and therefore effectiveness of the product in caring for your skin. In my personal and professional experience, the quality of chamomile can vary dramatically from one source to the next. For example, I had some organic chamomile tea from Trader Joes that tasted like dirt water. However the organic chamomile tea from Traditional Medicinals tastes like soft, sweet honey flowers. This is why I highly recommend using high quality organic chamomile tea and organic rosewater for the recipes below. Your skin will know and feel the difference!

How to Make Soothing Rosewater Eye De-Puffer

You Will Need: 1 chamomile teabag or 1 heaping teaspoon of chamomile flowers, rosewater, small bowl, 2 cotton rounds or soft facial cloth. 

To Make: Brew a small but strong cup of chamomile tea (4-6 oz) and let cool to warm, add 2 tablespoons of rosewater. You can use our Rose Crystal Toner or a store bought rosewater, or you can make your own with this Old-Fashioned DIY Rosewater Recipe from our blog archives.

To Use: Soak soft cloth or cotton rounds in this mixture. Place over eyes, apply a facial mask, and lay back, relax and dream....

Make your next home spa day extra special with these alternate uses for this herbal infusion below.

A Sensory Spa Facial Treatment

You Will Need:  2-3 chamomile teabags or 1.5 tablespoons of chamomile flowers, rosewater, a small saucepan with a lid, 2 small plates, and 2 soft wash cloths.

To Make: Make approximately 16 oz of chamomile tea, using 2-3 chamomile teabags. Make the brew in the saucepan by bringing the water to a boil. Put the teabags in the pot and remove from heat. Let the chamomile steep as the water cools to warm, then and add the Rosewater. Soak one of the cloths in the herbal brew, lightly wring out the excess, but leave the cloth moist enough to apply to your face once it's cool. Not soaking, but not dry - somewhere in the middle. Place the cloth on a clean dish in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before use.

Timing: Do this next step right before you're ready to start your facial. Heat up the remaining brew to hot, but not boiling, and soak the other cloth in this warmed Flower Power Elixir.

To Use: The idea is to alternate warm and cool cloths in your home spa facial. The hot cloth will soften and open your pores, and the cold cloth will tighten and close the pores while adding a touch of sensory luxury.

Begin your home spa facial by using a gentle cleaner. Next apply the warm cloth to your face. Let the warm, fragrant cloth sit on your skin for a minute or longer, up to 10 minutes. Then apply a facial mask, following the directions on the mask jar.

Once the mask has been completely removed, pat your skin dry. Next apply the chilled cloth to your skin. Let the cool, fragrant cloth sit on your skin for a minute or longer, up to 10 minutes. Follow with moisturizer and your favorite serums to complete your self care ritual.

Additional Uses + Variations

  • Use Green Tea instead of the Chamomile for an antioxidant, pore-tightening boost.
  • Place remaining liquid in a spray bottle and use as a fresh toner or use it as the liquid for a dry mask. Store tightly sealed, in the fridge and use within a week.
  • Add the remaining liquid to your bathwater for a soothing treat.

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