How To Use A Face Mask Brush Like A Pro

How To Use A Face Mask Brush Like A ProBeauty Tools. How you use them can make ALL the difference!!

As a special treat, I gave both of my sisters one of these fan-shaped mask brushes with the Chocolate Mud Antioxidant Mask, and a handmade ceramic Mask Mixing Bowl by Salt Ceramics. I'm a big fan of giving self care gifts, and I just love hearing all about the special "me time" moments they help create. Y'all know I love my Goddess Time.

A couple of weeks later I get a call from my sister, the artist. She tells me she's just had a relaxing spa day and did a facial with the all goodies I gave her. She's in love with the Chocolate Mask and says it smells "divine." But then she says "I'm not sure about that brush."

I was really surprised, but after talking it out and sharing a few laughs, we realized that she was using the brush ALL WRONG! With a background in fine art, she's familiar with how to use a fan brush on an actual painting, but never has used one on her face! Until just now...

Here are some more detailed instructions to help you achieve maximum enjoyment and replenishment on your next home spa day.

Chocolate Mud Antioxidant Mask with Masking Bowl and BrushWhen you're painting on a canvas with a fan brush, typically you're using it to soften, fluff, or feather the paint (like a cloud or sunset) or to make texture (like fur, grass or leaves), both brush strokes are sort of bouncy side to side or up and down motions.

Painting with a fan brush uses VERY different gesture than how you'd use the same shaped brush to apply a facial mask.

To apply a facial mask with a fan brush, you load up the brush with mask + make broad flat strokes across your face. This is a soothing, sweeping motion that caresses your skin as you apply the mask. The broad flat brush allows you to apply the mask to the contours of your face evenly, expertly avoiding your eye area + hairline.

Now you're all set with these beauty tips to take your next spa day to the next level and use your Bamboo Facial Mask Brush like a pro! Another pro tip I like to add into my home spa rituals is to generously apply an eye serum like my Everlasting before applying a facial mask -- sort of like an eye area mask. I apply more serum than I normally would, keeping it out of my eyes, and then apply the facial mask to the rest of my face.

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