Julia, Super D cleanser

"I love this cleanser so much! I have a horrible blackhead problem on my cheeks and nose and after a few weeks of use I've seen a huge difference in my skin. While I still have a ways to go as far as ridding myself of these pesky blackheads completely I am confident with continued use, this cleanser will help me reach my goal of beautiful clear skin. It smells great, and feels wonderful- my skin is so smooth and soft after washing. I have tried everything (expensive and cheap) and nothing has showed results like this. I am no longer embarrassed when I have to run out of the house without makeup on- I feel confident about myself without it. I just bought this small bottle to keep separately in my shower :] Thank you Jessica for answering my questions, giving me some awesome tips, your super fast shipping, and the lovely samples." ~ Julia (Super Detox Cleanser)